Mastery: Healing

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Mastery: Healing
Mastery: Healing
The Mastery of healing and curing diseases.

Healing is the mastery used when creating a bandage. When creating bandages the hitpoints that each bandage heals for will vary based on your skill level in Healing, the higher your mastery level, the higher the bandage created will heal for.

Learns how to heal yourself and others.

As your skill levels up, you can craft better bandages and heal more effectively.

List of crafted items[edit | edit source]

Name Req Mastery Material
Lesser Bandage.png Lesser Bandage Healing (0) Linen.png Linen Pieces x1
Intermediate Bandage Healing (5) Bone Piece.png Bone Piece x2 Linen.png Linen Pieces x2
Greater Bandage Healing (15) 18px Fleece x2 18px Maggots x3